Turn heads with our high impact print features!


Maximize your ad’s reach with a proven high-exposure positions.

There are several premium placements to choose from including modules on A2,  double-truck (two full pages in center of newspaper) and on the outer back cover. For preferred placement positions add 35 percent to earned rate. All preferred placement paid positions subject to confirmation and availability at deadline.

Gatefolds, a creative solution that could open a whole new element to your campaign.

Advertisers can now market their message on a premium position over the front and back pages of our broadsheet newspapers. A gatefold is an additional double-sided page and a half, folded over onto part of the front cover and fully covering the back. It is printed in four-color, and can accommodate two full and half pages that can be married together.


Why not run your preprint on the outside of the newspaper? 

Our cover wraps achieve tremendous brand awareness for you and is literally the first thing our readers will see when they pick up their copy. The height of the wrap is shorter than the newspaper, so readers will know they have our publication when they see your 4-page wrap. Brief us on what you’re looking for, and we’ll create a cover wrap for you that will guarantee your campaign will stand out!

Skyboxes anchor the content with your message and branding.

We can place your skybox on any page for targeted exposure. Try combining two to “frame the page” and boost the impact of your campaign, or using a rotating series of skyboxes to expand on your message. Week after week, your brand will be top of mind.


Make the front pages of Washington State’s largest newspaper network!

Front page Sticky Note ads get noticed, and your message can live on! Viewers can take the sticky note with them to be reminded of the service offering, sweepstakes or promotion. Your advertisement gets prominent placement – right on the front page.

Sticky Note Options



Top of the pack preprint positioning!

Innovative insert jackets deliver a one-two punch that will jump-start customer demand! Wrap your message around your competitors’.  Priced so affordably – it can become the cornerstone of your marketing campaigns throughout the year. But hurry, availability is extremely limited!


Special Section advertising supplements are excellent vehicles for launching a specific product or service.

In our special sections, editorial content is generated by you, the client, and provided to our editorial staff for editing only. Advertising is open to multiple advertisers or may be supported by a single sponsor. All advertising supplements must be labeled as commercial content.


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