Islands’ Weekly

Islands’ Weekly

The Islands’ Weekly was founded in 1982 as a free-distribution shopper on Lopez Island in the San Juans. After purchase by Sound Publishing in 2001, it was changed to a community newspaper format. Today, the newspaper serves a Lopez community known as “the friendly isle,” and don’t be surprised when passing motorists wave – it’s a longstanding tradition. The island is also known for its gently rolling hills, bucolic farmlands, plenty of beaches to dig your toes into and an abundance of vistas to marvel. The spectacular beaches and views are a must in every visitor’s itinerary. It only takes a 45-minute ferry ride from Anacortes to get to Lopez Island, then it’s just a four-mile drive to the village, the hub of the island.

Sound Earned 238 Industry Awards in 2015!

In all, Sound Publishing won 238 industry awards in 2015. Sound secured 229 awards from the 2015 Washington Newspaper Publishers Association Better Newspaper Contest (including 75 first place winners) and 9 awards from Local Media Association’s Advertising and Promotions Contest.


are female


ages 25 to 54 years


family households


have college


median household

Source: U.S. Census: 2014 American Community Survey (5-year)


Circulation Comparison

ZipZip NameNielsen Occupied HouseholdsIslands' WeeklySound Publishing, Inc. CoverageSeattle Times (Sun)Seattle Times Coverage (Sun)
98261Lopez Island1,3841,880100%645%
Sources: AAM / CAC Consolidated Media Report (Q3, 2017), U.S. Census: 2014 American Community Survey (5-year), 2017 Pulse Research readership survey

I would like to thank you for taking such good care of my advertising in the Island’s Weekly. Your idea for tracking each ad so we can see the redemption totals was spot on. My employees are now also noticing the number off island customers that come here to shop buy seeing the ads redeemed.
We are also noticed a return on our circulars inserted and distributed in the paper. I feel our ads must get a lot of face time with your subscribers as they save the offers until they trek our way. I wish I could get the same results with other types of advertising. Thanks for your insight and thoughtfulness to my business. I appreciate all you do for Sebo’s.
Dave Sem
Sebo’s Hardware, Anacortes