Sound Publishing, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Larry Lark to its newly formed team.

Larry is a newspaper man through and through. He started his career in his freshman year of high school, writing sports stories for the Marysville Globe. In his junior year at the UW he started at the Herald as a sports clerk. When serving as an advertising intern at the Herald in his senior year, he discovered a career in sales was the way to go! After 6 years selling classifieds, Larry was promoted to outside geographic retail sales. He held that position for 13 years and has spent the past 16 years as Major Accounts Executive at The Herald.

Larry never gave up his passion for writing, he has given 16 years of his evenings and weekends covering sports and written auto reviews for over 20 years. He met his lovely bride of 30 years in the classifieds department, not section he jokes. They have two grown children, a son and daughter. Larry loves to travel, read and has numerous nerdy hobbies (that he won’t divulge).

We are thrilled to have Larry on our team, please join us in welcoming him!

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