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Sound Publishing is the leading journalistic voice in the communities that we serve. Our 43 award-winning publications in Washington and Alaska provide vetted news and information to over 3.5-million digital viewers and 144K email subscribers each month. Each week, we distribute over 392K newspapers to our readers. Our news outlets are where the intellectually curious delve into ideas and conversations to inform their daily decisions. Whenever, and however, they choose to consume our content.

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43 local news outlets

Strengthen your community ties alongside insightful reporting and civil discussions that connect our audience to the issues of the day and the people of the world.

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Extend and amplify engagement on smart speakers, targeted videos, smart TVs, and YouTube streaming.  We’ll help you produce it.

Commercial printer

Sound Publishing is the largest commercial printer within a five-state region. We offer comprehensive prepress, printing, inserting, addressing, mailing, and delivery solutions.

Industry Awards in 2022

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For decades we have produced engaging award winning stories to inspire and connect people. We remain dedicated to providing trustworthy content relevant to the members of the communities we serve throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. 

While specializing in omnichannel marketing, we help you connect to your target market with the right message at the right time, driving measurable results for our stakeholders.

We help our local and national advertising partners reach their goals with customized solutions, built to be performance-driven.

Award-Winning Publications

WNPA - Washington Newspaper Publishers Association

Sound Publishing earned 16 WNPA Better Newspaper Awards in 2021!


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