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Founded in 1987, Sound Publishing is the definitive source of news and information through the lens of our
communities. We perform due diligence in assessing the credibility of our sources and pursue an unwavering
commitment to the truth. We believe that independent, fact-based reporting and holding those in power accountable are essential to healthy communities and a healthy democracy.

Your letters to the editor, your advertising, your sharing of the stories that touch you, your readership – you give us three and a half million unique reasons each month to continue to do the work that’s critical to a vibrant community and a healthy democracy.

Sound Publishing moved to a hybrid work model in early 2020. During the most substantial public health crisis in a century, our role on the front lines is to serve communities in need to make lifesaving decisions.
One Example
We demonstrate an uncompromising commitment to continuous improvement, the pursuit of creativity and innovation to engage, inform, and entertain. We experienced a 50% increase in readership from 2019-2021.
Sound made up to $500K available in marketing grants to small businesses to communicate with their customers when they needed it most. We are partnereing with individual cities and Chambers of Commerce in 2022 on a larger scale as the pandemic lingers.
Innovation continues to infuse everything we do. We are constantly imagining and investing in our future. We have much in store for 2022!