Bothell-Kenmore Reporter

Bothell-Kenmore Reporter

The Bothell-Kenmore Reporter is one in a long line of newspapers that have covered the Northshore area since 1903, with titles ranging from “Independent” to “Citizen” serving these communities before the advent of the Reporter.
In recent years, the once predominantly bedroom communities of Bothell and Kenmore have seen the growth of an economic core centered around biotechnology, computer technology, telecommunications and durable goods. Bothell is home to the University of Washington campus and Cascadia Community College. Kenmore hosts one of the last industrial ports on the northern shore of Lake Washington.

Sound Earned 275 Industry Awards in 2017!

In all, Sound Publishing won 275 industry awards in 2017. Sound secured 261 awards from the 2017 Washington Newspaper Publishers Association Better Newspaper Contest (including 94 first place winners and 6 for General Excellence), five Blethen Awards for Distinguished Journalism from the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Awards and three Northwest Photo Awards from the Associated Press.



are female


family households


ages 25 to 54 years


have college degree


median household

Circulation Comparison

ZipZip NameNielsen Occupied HouseholdsBothell/Kenmore ReporterSound Publishing, Inc. CoverageSeattle Times (Sun)Seattle Times Coverage (Sun)
Total29,836 20,78970%6,38321%
98011Bothell10,065 6,77968%2,27023%
98021Bothell11,057 6,75861%2,155 19%
98028Kenmore8,7147,01381%1,958 22%
Sources: AAM / CAC Consolidated Media Report (Q2, 2018), U.S. Census: 2016 American Community Survey (5-year), 2017 Pulse Research readership survey

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