Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter

Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter

The Issaquah & Sammamish Reporter newspaper was launched in 2007 to bring hometown news to these dynamic communities on the Seattle metropolitan area’s Eastside. Issaquah and Sammamish encompass both fast-growing suburbs and a rich historical past, and the Reporter is there to cover it all. An award-winning news staff reports on everything from nationally known live theater productions to a Northwest lifestyle unmatched in its outdoor activities. Highly acclaimed schools, the world headquarters of Costco and an ecologically significant salmon hatchery reflect a community with a rich mix of news and events, delivered every Friday to homes and businesses in the pages of the Reporter.

Winner of 6 industry awards in 2017!

The Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter won 6 awards from the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association, including two First Place awards.

In all, Sound Publishing took home 275 WNPA awards. Ninety-four of those were 1st place, including the coveted General Excellence. Sound also scooped up nine Local Media Association awards. At Sound, we remain dedicated to covering local stories that affect each of our communities. No other news source reports down to the neighborhood level like we do.


are female


median household


ages 25 to 54 years


family households


have college

Circulation Comparison

ZipZip NameNielsen Occupied HouseholdsIssaquah/Sammamish ReporterSound Publishing, Inc. CoverageSeattle Times (Sun)Seattle Times Coverage (Sun)
Total38,628 24,25263%8,543222%
98074Sammamish9,179 6,81074%2,02622%
Sources: AAM / CAC Consolidated Media Report (Q2, 2018), U.S. Census: 2016 American Community Survey (5-year), 2017 Pulse Research readership survey


Placing weekly ads in the Issaquah Reporter has really helped to let people in the community know about our new store. We’ve maintained a weekly ad with a consistent look that has caused many customers come into our store and tell us they saw our ad in the paper.  Our representative has been very sensitive to the fact that our marketing budget is tight due to being a new business.  She’s helped us to take advantage of special editions and marketing dates so that our ads can be as effective as possible.  We hope to advertise in the Issaquah Reporter for many years to come!
Philip and Lisa Boynton
Gilman Village, Issaquah