Kirkland Reporter

Kirkland Reporter

Kirkland’s hometown newspaper started life as the Courier in 1979, renamed the Kirkland Reporter in 2008. While growing into an affluent waterfront suburb of Seattle, Kirkland today is tempered by a small-town heritage that still resonates with residents and visitors alike. Founded in 1905, the city is adorned with several city parks along Lake Washington and remains the lake’s only waterfront downtown. Reflecting the town’s unique qualities, warehouse chain Costco adopted the “Kirkland Signature” brand when they were headquartered here, bringing the town’s name to national prominence. Kirkland’s many restaurants and art galleries, a 400-seat performing arts center, numerous public parks, beaches and good schools make the area one of the most desirable places to live in the Puget Sound.

Winner of 3 industry awards in 2015!

The Kirkland Reporter won 3 awards from the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association, including awards for comprehensive coverage of issues, investigative reporting, and best editorial.

In all, Sound Publishing took home 229 WNPA awards. Seventy-five of those were 1st place, including the coveted General Excellence. Sound also scooped up nine Local Media Association awards. At Sound, we remain dedicated to covering local stories that affect each of our communities. No other news source reports down to the neighborhood level like we do.


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Circulation Comparison

Zip Zip Name Nielsen Occupied Households Kirkland Reporter Sound Publishing, Inc. Coverage Seattle Times (Sun) Seattle Times Coverage (Sun)
98033 Kirkland 16,190 12,639 78% 3,676 23%
98034 Kirkland 19,252 12,549 65% 3,797 20%
Misc. 17
Total 35,442 25,205 71% 7,473 21%
Sources: CAC Consolidated Media Report (Q 1, 2016), Seattle Times 2015 AAM Audit (Sunday), U.S. Census: 2014 American Community Survey (5-year), 2015 Pulse Research readership survey


I sent the following to Kirkland City:  I just read in the Kirkland Reporter last night that you still consider the Seattle Times the best paper to put your news/notices in.  Are you nuts?  The Kirkland Reporter (old name Courier) is MY best news source for Kirkland.  I’ve always looked at it but especially in the last 4 yrs or so I have come to rely on it.  Just 6 months or so ago I reduced my Seattle Times delivery to only Sundays and am thinking of deleting that as well.  But the K Reporter is our Kirkland.  It is succinct. Timely.  And I don’t have to wade through other info to bump into a Kirkland story like in the Times.  Please reconsider your investment in the Times.  Thanks.
Michelle George

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