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Sound Publishing reports local news at a depth that engages readers — providing guaranteed read time.

Our community news teams cover and report local news in more depth than the major dailies within the same region. Readers who wish to be informed about issues that affect their lives and communities rely on news and media content created and distributed by Sound Publishing.

There is no better resource than Sound Publishing for suburban penetration in the Pacific Northwest and Southeast Alaska. Our products enjoy unprecedented read time, making it to the kitchen counter, not the recycling bin.

At Sound, we remain dedicated to covering stories that touch the lives of our readers in each community. No one else reports down to the neighborhood.

County Title Frequency Issue Deliver Format Circulation Pay Type
Alaska Homer News N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Alaska Juneau Empire N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Alaska Kenai Peninsula Clarion N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
CountyTitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
Jefferson & ClallamForks Forumonce/weekThumailtabloid 34,442vol. paid
Jefferson & ClallamPeninsula Daily NewsdailyMon-Thucarrierbroadsheet 210,763paid
Jefferson & Clallam(Preprints on Wed, Fri & Sun)dailyFricarrierbroadsheet 212,148paid
Jefferson & ClallamPeninsula Daily NewsSuncarrierbroadsheet 212,343paid
Jefferson & ClallamSequim Gazetteonce/weekWedcarrierbroadsheet 33,675paid
Jefferson & ClallamHomes ~ Land Olympic Peninsulamonthlyrack5,350free
Jefferson & ClallamHomes ~ Land Islandermonthly4,750free
County Title Frequency Issue Deliver Format Circulation Pay Type
Grays Harbor The Daily World daily Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat carrier broadsheet 6,804 paid
Grays Harbor The Vidette once/week Thurs mail/rack broadsheet 2,544 paid
Grays Harbor South Beach Bulletin once/week Thurs mail/rack broadsheet 5,055 vol. paid
Grays Harbor North Coast News once/week Thurs mail/rack broadsheet 1,198 paid
CountyTitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
Island & San JuanSouth Whidbey Recordtwice/weekWed/Satcarriertabloid 13,271paid
Island & San JuanWhidbey CrosswindmonthlyFri 7-12 days priorcarriertabloid 16,161free
Island & San JuanWhidbey News-Timestwice/weekWed/Satcarriertabloid 14,704paid
CountyTitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
King & PierceAuburn Reporteronce/weekFricarriertabloid 123,942free
King & PierceBellevue Reporteronce/weekFricarriertabloid 135,162free
King & PierceBothell/Kenmore Reporterbiweekly1st & 3rd Fricarriertabloid 120,556free
King & PierceCovington/Maple Valley/Black Diamond Reporteronce/weekFricarriertabloid 124,121free
King & PierceThe Courier-Heraldonce/weekWedcarriertabloid 125,114free
King & PierceFederal Way Mirroronce/weekFricarriertabloid 129,175vol. paid
King & PierceIssaquah/Sammamish Reporteronce/weekFricarriertabloid 124,193free
King & PierceKent Reporteronce/weekFricarriertabloid 124,700free
King & PierceKirkland Reporteronce/weekFricarriertabloid 125,205free
King & PierceMercer Island Reporteronce/weekWedmailtabloid 12,747paid
King & PierceRedmond Reporteronce/weekFricarriertabloid 122,537free
King & PierceRenton Reporteronce/weekFricarriertabloid 124,509free
King & PierceEastside Scene Magazine**monthlyWed/Fricarriertabloid 159,205free
King & PierceSeattle Weeklyonce/weekWedracktabloid 145,020free
King & PierceSnoqualmie Valley Recordonce/weekWedcarriertabloid 111,632vol. paid
King & PierceTukwila Reportermonthly3rd Wedmailedtabloid 110,367free
King & PierceVashon-Maury Island Beachcomberonce/weekWedcarriertabloid 13,132paid
CountyTitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
KitsapBainbridge Island Reviewonce/weekFricarriertabloid 12,245paid
KitsapBremerton Patriot/Central Kitsap Reporteronce/weekFricarriertabloid 125,700vol. paid
KitsapKingston Community Newsmonthlylast Frimailtabloid 18,960free
KitsapKitsap Weekly*once/weekFricarriertabloid 157,414Vol. paid
KitsapNorth Kitsap Heraldonce/weekFricarriertabloid 111,843vol. paid
KitsapPort Orchard Independentonce/weekFricarriertabloid 117,626vol. paid
KitsapKitsap Military TimesmonthlyFri 7-12 days priorcarriertabloid 18,624free
CountyTitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
OkanoganOkanogan Valley Gazette-Tribuneonce/weekThumailedbroadsheet 11,665paid
CountyTitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
King & PierceTacoma Daily Index | dailydailyMon-Friracktabloid 1100paid
CountyTitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
Island & San JuanIslands’ Sounderonce/weekWedmailtabloid 11,647paid
Island & San JuanIslands’ Weeklyonce/weekTuemailtabloid 11,905free
Island & San JuanJournal of the San Juan Islandsonce/weekWedmailtabloid 11,819paid
CountyTitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
SnohomishArlington Times/ Marysville Globeonce/weekSatcarriertabloid 120,497vol. paid
SnohomishThe Daily HeralddailyMon-Wed, Satcarrierbroadsheet 433,707paid
Snohomish(Preprints on Wed, Thu, Fri & Sun)dailyThucarrierbroadsheet 531,722paid
SnohomishThe Daily HeralddailyFricarrierbroadsheet 633,923paid
SnohomishThe Daily HeralddailySuncarrierbroadsheet 738,499paid
SnohomishThe Herald Business Journalmonthlylast Wedmailedtabloid 511,551paid
SnohomishLa Razaonce/weekFriracktabloid 620,000free
County Title Frequency Issue Deliver Format Circulation Pay Type
Whatcom Bellingham Business Journal monthly first Mon mail/sc tabloid 1 2,611 vol. paid


TitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
Homer Newsonce/weekThursdaymailedbroadsheet1,667paid
Juneau EmpiredailySun, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fricarrierbroadsheet2,806paid
Peninsula ClariondailySun, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fricarrierbroadsheet1,954paid

TitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
Forks Forumonce/weekThumailbroadsheet974paid
Peninsula Daily NewsdailyMon-Thucarrierbroadsheet10,763paid
(Preprint on Sunday)dailyFricarrierbroadsheet12,148paid
Peninsula Daily News Suncarrierbroadsheet12,343paid
Sequim Gazetteonce/weekWedcarrierbroadsheet3,675paid
Homes ~ Land Olympic Peninsulamonthly rackmagazine5,350free
Homes ~ Land Islandermonthly  magazine4,750free

TitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
The Daily WorlddailyTues, Wed, Thurscarrierbroadsheet6,804paid

TitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
South Whidbey Recordonce/weekSatcarrierbroadsheet3,271paid
Whidbey News-Timestwice/weekWed/Satcarrierbroadsheet4,704paid

Title Frequency Issue Deliver Format Circulation Pay Type
Auburn Reporter once/week Fri carrier broadsheet 18,574 vol. paid
Bellevue Reporter daily Mon-Sun digital 184,544 paid
Bothell/Kenmore Reporter daily Mon-Sun digital 39,763 paid
Covington/Maple Valley/Black Diamond Reporter daily Mon-Sun digital 28,378 paid
The Courier-Herald once/week Wed mail broadsheet 1,568 paid
Federal Way Mirror once/week Fri carrier broadsheet 18,020 vol. paid
Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter daily Mon-Sun digital 36,686 paid
Kent Reporter once/week Fri carrier broadsheet 21,520 vol. paid
Kirkland Reporter daily Mon-Sun digital 107,127 paid
Mercer Island Reporter once/week Wed mail broadsheet 1,871 paid
Redmond Reporter daily Mon-Sun digital 56,568 paid
Renton Reporter daily Mon-Sun digital 65,818 paid
Seattle Weekly daily Mon-Sun digital 269,774 paid
Snoqualmie Valley Record once/week Wed mail broadsheet 1,001 paid
Tukwila Reporter daily Mon-Sun digital 1,241 paid
Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber once/week Thur carrier broadsheet 3,216 paid

TitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
98110once/monthLast Fridaymailedbroadsheet11,372free
Bainbridge Island Reviewonce/weekFricarrierbroadsheet1,373paid
Central Kitsap Reporteronce/monthLast Fridaymailedbroadsheet7,875free
Kingston Community Newsonce/monthLast Fridaymailedbroadsheet8,960free
Kitsap Daily NewsdailyMon-Sun digital272,324paid
North Kitsap Heraldonce/weekFridaymailedbroadsheet889paid
Port Orchard Independentonce/weekFridaymailedbroadsheet811paid

TitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribuneonce/weekThumailedbroadsheet1,665paid

TitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
Tacoma Daily IndexdailyMon-Frimailedtabloid100paid

TitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
Islands’ Sounderonce/weekWedmailbroadsheet1,647paid
Islands’ Weeklyonce/weekTuemailtabloid1,905paid
Journal of the San Juan Islandsonce/weekWedmailbroadsheet1,819paid

TitleFrequencyIssueDeliverFormatCirculationPay Type
The Daily HeralddailyMon-Wed, Satcarrierbroadsheet33,707paid
(Preprint on Sunday)dailyThucarrierbroadsheet31,722paid
The Herald Business Journalmonthlyfirst Wedmailedtabloid33,70paid
La RazadailyMon-Sun digital22,677paid




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