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The Record has been telling the story of the Snoqualmie Valley’s people and places for nearly one hundred years. Our team knows the Valley like no one else.  Online and in print, we take pride in our mission to educate, inform and illuminate in the ongoing stories about the communities we serve.  Want to know who won last week’s game? What the city or county is planning next? Or where to go this weekend? It’s all at your fingertips each week in the Valley Record.

Winner of 2 industry awards in 2017!

The Snoqualmie Valley Record won 2 awards from the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association.

In all, Sound Publishing took home 275 WNPA awards. Ninety-four of those were 1st place, including the coveted General Excellence. Sound also scooped up nine Local Media Association awards. At Sound, we remain dedicated to covering local stories that affect each of our communities. No other news source reports down to the neighborhood level like we do.


are female


have a
college degree


family households


ages 25 to 54 years


median household

Circulation Comparison

ZipZip NameNielsen Occupied HouseholdsSnoqualmie Valley RecordSound Publishing, Inc. CoverageSeattle Times (Sun)Seattle Times Coverage (Sun)
Total15,029 ] 11,342]75%2,841 19%
98014Carnation2,697]1,271]47%507 19%
98024Fall City2,230]1,347]60%443 20%
98045North Bend5,414]4,429]82%1,040 19%
98065Snoqualmie4,688]4,061 ]87%851 18%
Misc.-] 234 
Sources: AAM / CAC Consolidated Media Report (Q2, 2018), U.S. Census: 2016 American Community Survey (5-year), 2017 Pulse Research readership survey

THANK YOU for the great management and support you and Sound Publishing are providing to the Snoqualmie Valley Record.
Week after week, month after month, year after year, the Snoqualmie Valley Record continues to provide clear, consise, high quality, and highly professional news coverage in the Snoqualmie Valley, and in the process, with its community-building tone and presence, the Snoqualmie Valley Record enriches this community and helps make the Valley an even happier place in which to live.
Of all the publications our family receives each week and month, it is the Valley Record that I have out on our family’s coffee table, and it is the Valley Record that our many Seattle friends and out of town family members read and compliment when they visit.  And it is the Valley Record that I let my children (6th, 4th and 2nd grades) read and then all discuss together as a family at the dinner table and other times during the day after we finish Valley Record articles.
The Snoqualmie Valley Record staff are present at almost every Snoqualmie Valley community event, not just to report on the events, but to support the events as neighbors as well.  Community members look forward to seeing and speaking with Snoqualmie Valley Record staff, and when people hear of stories and topics they’d like to see covered in the media, right away people think to contact the Snoqualmie Valley Record for investigation and coverage.
The Snoqualmie Valley Record staff can always be trusted to show up on time when they agree to cover an event or issue, they are always so comfortable to work with, and community members always feel like they can trust Record staff to report accurately and respectfully.  They treat each person and group with whom they interact for news coverage as a fellow community member and neighbor.
My husband and I left Seattle for North Bend five years ago because we wanted to raise our children in a smaller, more connected and neighbor-focused community than we thought would be available to us in Seattle.  We feel that we are meeting those goals and so much more by living here in Snoqualmie Valley, and the Snoqualmie Valley Record is right at the center of maintaining the community feel that we love so much here.
So again, thank you to you, to Sound Publishing’s staff and board of directors and to Sound Publishing’s parent company for supporting Snoqualmie Valley Record and the many other community building newspapers in the Sound Publishing family.  You are doing such excellent and important work in making the Puget Sound such a delightful and desirable place to live.
Kind regards,
Shelley Huestis