Whidbey Crosswind

Whidbey Crosswind

The original newspaper on Naval Air Station Whidbey Island was called the “Prop Wash,” established shortly after construction began on the Ault Field base in 1942. It was originally more of a newsletter, published on ditto masters, and the base Public Affairs Office still has loose copies dating back to 1943. Beginning in 1950 and for the next 20 years, the “Prop Wash” was published as a broadsheet newspaper. Later iterations of the paper served the NAS Whidbey community under different titles and in conjunction with the Navy PAO.

Sound Publishing brought back the Whidbey Crosswind title in 2011 to cover such base activities as squadron homecomings, changes of command and special events, as well as community news affecting active duty personnel and their families. The Crosswind underwent a makeover in 2012, changing its focus to veterans affairs and the interests of military retirees with its sister paper Veterans Life in Kitsap County. There are few publications with this focus across the country, and veterans on Whidbey Island have quickly embraced it.


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Source: U.S. Census: 2016 American Community Survey (5-year)


Just wanted to pass on a note to you before I forget…I saw your first “new” edition of the reformatted layout and focus for the Whidbey Island Crosswind as it came out with a bang! I know the struggle to maintain the old format then accept and move on to the new one was probably not an easy journey… but you made it!
For what it’s worth, I think you have done a great job of transitioning the Whidbey Crosswind from your previous format to the new one. Although we’ll miss the traditional support for the Active Duty happenings, the new focus seems duly appropriate. Since we are basically all one family anyway, your continued efforts to showcase Puget Sound Veterans and their stories, to provide relevant and interesting information and to support those who serve or have served is much appreciated. We look forward to seeing future monthly editions. Keep up the great work.
Brad Close
NAS Whidbey Island, WA

Circulation Comparison

ZipZip NameNielsen Occupied HouseholdsWhidbey CrosswindSound Publishing Coverage
98277Oak Harbor15,4702,93119%
98278Oak Harbor145 1,260 100%
Sources: AAM / CAC Consolidated Media Report (Q2, 2018), U.S. Census: 2016 American Community Survey (5-year), 2017 Pulse Research readership survey