The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) announced the Region 10 alternative news weekly award winners for 2014 on October 10, and Seattle Weekly scooped up five awards!

The five winners are:

  • Nina Shapiro, “The GMO Apple the Industry Hates” — 3rd Place: D5 Environment and Science Reporting
  • Kelton Sears, “In Search of the Mystics” — 2nd Place: D9 Arts Reporting
  • Matt Driscoll, “The Gasman’s New Game” — 1st Place: D11 Personalities Reporting
  • Gavin Borchert, “The Wristbandification of Classical Music” — 1st Place: D12 Critiques & Reviews
  • Brian Miller, “Visual Arts: Buster Simpson at the Frye” — 3rd Place: D12 Critiques & Reviews

SPJ works in the Northwest to protect First Amendment freedoms, stimulate high standards and ethics in journalism, foster excellence among journalists, inspire young people to become dedicated journalists, encourage diversity in journalism and promote a climate in which journalism is practiced freely.