Starting on June 3, The Daily World in Aberdeen, Washington, will re-introduce a Wednesday edition in addition to its existing Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday editions.

The Daily World is a 24/7 news organization digitally, but from day one of our involvement we heard loud and clear from readers and advertisers they were disappointed that their newspaper had been minimized to three days in print,” said Sound Publishing President Gloria Fletcher. “Basically, it is as simple as we listened and agreed.”

The Daily World will use the opportunity to re-organize its pages to create more space for local news, sports and features. It also plans to introduce a new, separate tabloid section once a week featuring TV schedules. That move will also create more space for local content in the main newspaper and bring the TV schedules together in a single pull-out section.

“It’s my hope that the expansion of The Daily World will be met with the same enthusiasm from our readers as they have voiced to me since my arrival on Grays Harbor earlier this year,” said Daily World Publisher Stan Woody. “The planning for the additional day has been a serious undertaking, and the management staff, as well as the team at Sound Publishing, have been instrumental in making it possible.”